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My ceramics deal with the relationships between Southern California swallows and the use of clay in building a home.    As a family man, I draw parallels between the swallows use of clay in building homes to my own.  There are three true loves in my life; family, ceramics and surfing.

PitFire_HomeI throw classic forms and use surface textures to give them energy and vitality, resulting in art that is both pleasing and alive.  I seek to create patterns and textures that emphasize the organic interplay between order and randomness as found in Nature.

The tactile feel and visual look of surface textures are essential to my pieces.  I create textures by impressing patterns into thrown forms.  This technique allows the pattern to evolve as the clay twists and expands.  As the pattern adjusts to the shape and function of the vessel, it becomes reflective of Nature’s adaptation to form.

EarthQuake_HomeMy glazing process enhances the natural beauty of the medium.  Thinly glazed surfaces highlight the macropatterns and reveal the stoneware clay’s micro-texture created during the expansion process.  I often use multiple glazes to intensify the dynamic tension of the surface.

My goal is to pursue the interplay of shape and surface texture so that work is created that intrigues the eye and demands to be touched.  Although my work is functional, it is often prized as decorative.

Clay has been a medium that I can throw all day long and she won’t throw anything back at me.  So turn up the music, sit back and enjoy the images.   Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  It is with your support and feedback that I continue to grow.

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